136 Great Ideas Before Breakfast

Many people who are successful entrepreneurs will also be 136 great ideas before breakfast type of people. However the way to be successful in business is to be able to work out what the good ideas are and what the bad ideas are and to then just focus on one great idea and make it work.

If you want to achieve something in life you have to be able to dedicate yourself to one thing at a time. The more things you have going on the bigger the chance you have at failing everything. I would rather achieve one great thing rather than fail at a lot of things. You have to learn not to spread yourself too thin.

An important aspect of having great ideas is to know timing. When you come up with an idea you have to access whether it is the right time for this idea. The idea you have may be great but it maybe that the market isn’t ready for it yet or that there are some factors going on in today’s world that would see it not realizing its full potential. These ideas you have to keep hold of and keep accessing when the right time to go with them is as if you go with a great idea at the wrong time it is going to be a waste of a great idea.

When you think you have a great idea always do your research, find out if there is anything out there like your idea. Just because someone may have a similar idea don’t be put off as this information may prove to you that there is a market for you and a space for your product.

Always pitch your idea to other people and be ready to take on board criticism and feedback. I would much rather have people tell me that my idea is rubbish at the start instead of launching it in to a market or investing in it only to find out it was a bad idea and to lose money or reputation. You can’t be too precious about your idea, the only way it is going to be great is if you have the ability to listen to criticism and tweak your idea until it is perfect.

After you have ironed your idea out and tweaked it you have to believe in your idea, as if you don’t believe in it or are unable to show your belief then no one else will. You have to be motivated and determined, just because you have a great idea it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to get off the ground. Having a great idea is only half the battle you have to back it up with working the hardest you ever have to support it.

One thing above all is don’t sit on an idea don’t be one of these people that come up with a great idea, sit on it and then watch someone else come up with a similar idea and make money and fame out of it. With an idea you never know how great it will be unless you push it all the way.