Invest Now

The average person may see the recession as a time to financially withdraw. They may think that because of the housing market failing, major banks going broke, and thousands of innocent people plunged into debt, there’s not a better time to run away. In fact, there’s not a better time to capitalize! A real entrepreneur would invest now because of the opportunity. No matter what your age (see this post), and you have $500 or more lying around, invest; there are several good reasons to do this. read more

Music Makes Money

Some of the most successful businesses today are based on someone’s talent (or talents) – an example being an artist selling paintings – and these businesses can be easily tapped into by young people today. Many teens (or even kids) are musically gifted, or can learn to be, and many actually use that to their advantage. There’s a general rule in life (which applies to business quite well, actually, though not always accurate, but that’s another story): if you’re good, then you’re paid for it. That means that if you’re a good musician, then people want to hear it (and pay for it!) Here are a few examples where you can make some nifty cash. read more

How I Make My Money

For the past year or so, I’ve been doing a lot of work. Though it’s not a regular, steady job, I find that I’ve made more money that my friends – right now I average at least $100 a week, and am paid anywhere from $10/hour – $30/hour.
The Lowdown

For the past year or so, I’ve been babysitting. However, this level of babysitting has been very professional – sometimes 5 kids at once (and I’m 15!) – and you get special bonuses for that. I’ve been such a responsible babysitter that I manage about 6 or 7 repeat clients. I usually have 2 or three jobs per week. 5 hours a job x $10 a job x 3 jobs a week = $150 a week, just from babysitting! I even have a steady weekly gig, for 4 hours, managing 3 kids – I just get up earlier, and by the time the job is done (it’s in the morning, on weekends), I haven’t missed any part of the day at all. Sometimes I only have that $40 job, but that’s more than enough for my weekly spending needs. I’ve probably made upwards of $2000 between September and now, just from babysitting. read more

…and he’s only 17!

I was excited one day when I received a kindly email from 17 year-old Armen Haroutunian. Through a series of emails, I got to know about his involvement in business from when he was little to now. It’s a lengthy article, but it’s definitely a recommended read – it provided a ton of inspiration for me!

At the young age of 17, you’re already the Chief Marketing Officer of a reputable telecommunications solutions company. How and when were you introduced to this position? read more

How to Write An Amazing Resumé

It’s rare that you would walk into a store and be hired on the spot. For employers, it takes time to sieve out the potential candidates. In order to make sure that you’re the best, you need a resumé that shines! Here’s how to make that multi-format resumé that’ll get you hired.

Name & Contact Info

First thing you want to do is have your name (usually in large capital or bold letters), your address, phone number (be sure to include both cell and home), and email. read more

How To Avoid Being Late To Work

You know the deal: you get to work 5 minutes late, and your boss harasses you. You wonder what you did at home that made you late, but you can’t think of anything because your boss is yelling in your face. Here’s how to avoid that nasty encounter, and stay on your boss’ good list.
There’s always a point where you feel that you need to go to your job, but you could just do one more thing before you zip off. Well, that “one more thing” turns into two more things, then three; and before you know it, you’re three minutes from work time when it takes ten minutes to get there. read more

136 Great Ideas Before Breakfast

Many people who are successful entrepreneurs will also be 136 great ideas before breakfast type of people. However the way to be successful in business is to be able to work out what the good ideas are and what the bad ideas are and to then just focus on one great idea and make it work.

If you want to achieve something in life you have to be able to dedicate yourself to one thing at a time. The more things you have going on the bigger the chance you have at failing everything. I would rather achieve one great thing rather than fail at a lot of things. You have to learn not to spread yourself too thin. read more

Family Intervention Specialist

Company Overview

Youth Villages has been a national leader in the implementation of research-based treatment philosophies in the field of children’s mental and behavioral health. Our commitment to helping troubled children and their families find success spans 20+ years and includes a comprehensive array of programs and services. If you are looking for a positive career move where you are meeting the challenges of life and striving to make a positive difference, then Youth Villages is the place for you. We are looking for people with a strong sense of purpose and focus to continually build confidence in yourself and our organization. read more