Invest Now

The average person may see the recession as a time to financially withdraw. They may think that because of the housing market failing, major banks going broke, and thousands of innocent people plunged into debt, there’s not a better time to run away. In fact, there’s not a better time to capitalize! A real entrepreneur would invest now because of the opportunity. No matter what your age (see this post), and you have $500 or more lying around, invest; there are several good reasons to do this.

Buy Low, Sell High

The stock trader’s motto, it’s deadly accurate for what should be happening right now. Today is a great time to buy stock. Generally, stocks lessen in value during an economic downturn because there are less people wanting to buy it. It’s the law of demand: if little people want to buy a product, the price goes down, and vice versa. Take advantage: rearrange your money into a portfolio that has a long-term return, because:

It’s Going To Go Up

The TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) recently reported 5 straight months of growing profit! The recession has provided us with some of the lowest prices that we’ve ever seen on big companies’ stock. Normally, a severe downturn isn’t followed by a worse downturn. Sure, the economy will take a while to bloom again, but there are almost guaranteed profits (don’t hold me to it) if you buy in a safe, long-term stock (preferably) now. Even if you don’t have money to invest right now, see this post to find out how you can simulate investments, for free!

Stimulate The Economy

It’s what we need. We need investors to start re-building the economy, as well as the trust between companies. Your investment will help a company regain its balance, while the investment will be pretty safe for the next little while (until the market really fully regains stability).

You’ll Learn Valuable Lessons

As a teen, we learn things! So if we learn to take advantage of the market now, we’ll be able to use it later in life. This provides a huge head-start! Also, investing at this time will give you a wealth of economic experience (pun intended).

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Disclaimer: I’m not a stock market professional, so I’m not liable for any losses in this market – but I would appreciate some praise if things go well!

I got a question from a reader a few days ago about investing. He points out that the legal age to invest in the US is 18, and 19 in Canada. He said that he’s then confused as to how I and any other teen under 18 can invest!
My portfolio is my own, and so are my investments. Yet there’s a simple answer to this question. My investments are in my name, but are in trust from my parents. That means that legally, they’re operated by my parents, but they’re held by me. See? It’s a simple bypass of the system!

I’ve been investing since I was eleven. If you’re under 18 or 19, and you have maybe $500, $1000, or even $2000 just lying around in your savings account, ask your parents to set up an investing portfolio in trust for you! Don’t worry, you pick the investments. There’s no limit to the age you can invest at, because why would there be? Age plays no factor.

…and he’s only 17!

I was excited one day when I received a kindly email from 17 year-old Armen Haroutunian. Through a series of emails, I got to know about his involvement in business from when he was little to now. It’s a lengthy article, but it’s definitely a recommended read – it provided a ton of inspiration for me!

At the young age of 17, you’re already the Chief Marketing Officer of a reputable telecommunications solutions company. How and when were you introduced to this position?

I have always been involved and interested in business. I got introduced to the telecommunication industry because it has been in my family. My father owns the company, yet I have proved myself to him as being worthy of my position. I had always been in the office from a young age working with telecommunications products. I remember how I would register phone systems and set them up, making the job of the technicians much easier. I also would answer incoming phone calls and transfer them to the correct department. Once in a while if a customer had some questions regarding the products we sell, I would take the initiative and answer them to the best of my knowledge. I officially began doing sales for Phone Lines Com Inc. about 2 years ago. We sustained great growth through some of the techniques I implemented. Following this, as a company we sat down and decided we must market ourselves to a greater number of small businesses. One of the first steps we took was to create a new and redesigned website, , which launched in late August of 2009. Much of the responsibility for publicizing our company and site now remains in my hands. The great part of what I do is by executing the tasks at hand, I am able to learn and further educate myself about marketing.

Has business and money-making played any role in your younger life? Were you always such an entrepreneur?

Thinking and dreaming about business has been in my veins for as long as I can remember. For me it is just a natural part of my everyday life. I am always thinking how I could improve our business. I have always been involved in business. I remember as a kid I would have lemonade stands regularly. At the age of 10 I was thinking like an entrepreneur. I had a lemonade stand, but I didn’t only sell lemonade. I would have iced tea on certain days and sell Limeade as well. This gave my customers a choice on refreshments. I also began offering the lemonade in a larger cup (16 oz.), I put a lid on the cup and a nice straw, this way I was able to sell my lemonade for $1.00 instead of $0.50. When I turned 12, I began to write letters to CEO’s asking them what they did that helped them achieve so much success. After writing about 50 letters, I received 20 responses all of which were very insightful and motivating. At 15 years of age, I started a business club at school. Through the help and commitment of many friends this club has become a prime club at our school. I served as President of the club for 2 years, in which I learned a great deal of leadership skills.

Can you give a brief description of what your job at Phone Lines Inc. entails?

My job and duty at Phone Lines Inc. entails a lot of researching. I am always on the computer searching for new avenues with which we can market our products and services. It definitely takes time and effort especially when you are not very experienced, but knowing that adults trust you in what you do truly gives me the determination and hope I need to succeed.

Aside from your job at Phone Lines Inc., you intern at a real estate agency and you’re in grade 12 – a busy life. What do you like about your job/internship that makes you so determined to balance it all?

I never thought I would find much interest in real estate. I always would tell myself, that once I had enough money to invest, then I would start looking into developing and investing in real estate. I had the opportunity over the summer to learn more about real estate and took it. It turned out to be great! I truly loved how I was learning so much about commercial and residential real estate. So I began to intern at Keller Williams by a great broker, who always provides me with insight into his business. The most important part of real estate is marketing. There is a lot of competition in the industry because most agents do the same thing. Off course the way you present yourself to the client means a lot, but ultimately what matters is how many potential clients you can expose yourself too. The more people that recognize your name the more deals you will close. That is why marketing is so important to real estate. Learning more about marketing in real estate has also made me come up with new and more innovative ways to market Phone Lines Inc.

What do you see in your future?

I will be applying to university this year. My goal is to get as much experience in the business world as possible through all of college. Once I get my B.A. I am planning on getting my MBA. After I have met those qualifications, I hope I can become a CEO of a business one day and grow that business. Seeing a business you started or had a part in, become more and more profitable would make my dream come true.

What word of advice would you like to give to people?

I would like to tell anyone reading this to just work hard and start from a young age. Experience is what defines you, the more experience you have when you enter the business world the more likely you are to succeed. A great way to gain a lot of information is right on your fingertips. The internet has an infinite amount of resources and use that to your advantage. Also, read any sort of material that interests you whether it be online or in various kinds of books.

What do horse training, parenting, business and relationships have in common?

One of my many passions in life is working and training horses. I am not into competition, showing or endurance. I am a basic rider who enjoys nature and wide open trails. I enjoy training horses, mainly for pleasure use and my own personal enjoyment. I am currently working with a few Peruvian horses, and while doing so this past weekend I was reflecting on how my training is aligned with the law of attraction principles, as well as how I raised my kids, built my businesses and created a great relationship with my husband.

Stay with me a few minutes here, and allow me to explain this analogy.

When I begin with a new horse, I take time to assess the physical and mental mind-set of this beautiful animal. I need to determine if this a young horse with little or no training, or one that has been mishandled and traumatized by something that has established reactionary beliefs & fear. In other words, what learned beliefs has this horse established through its experiences. Horses have the flight not fight instinct, they run from fear rather than face it like a cougar. This can be dangerous if you are the one on their back when something spooks them. Beginning with the basics sets the standard for our lessons and my safety. The horse and I build a relationship based on trust. Working together we gain a perspective of how, what and why, certain scary events set off certain panic responses. This process is called “sacking out”. As the trainer I will use blankets, plastic bags, noise, quick actions that would spook an untrained horse. Through this training I reassure the horse that despite any activity or unforeseen surprise nothing will happen if we stay calm, focused, and trust in one another. Taking a slow, steady, reassuring approach in training not only gain the animals’ trust, but I allow him to enjoy the experience. I learn to read the body language of the horse, as I am sure the horse intuitively reads mine. Not until we have spent enough repetitive hours on building this foundation of trust will I take him out on the open trails where anything could happen at a moment’s notice. I don’t want to be left on the ground, broken and alone while my horse is high tailing it home.

Yee Haw!!

Whether you are building a relationship with a horse, or a person, trust is critical and should be the foundation for a healthy, continuing relationship. Take time to ask questions of yourself, and of the animal or person which you are getting to know. Gain insight into how, what and why this animal or person responds to circumstances. Discover the learned beliefs that established their behavior. Get to know, understand and comfortably relate to another living being is such a joyful experience when you feel aligned. and you understand each other. When you feel in sync, you know the law of attraction is flowing in the right direction for you to be aligned with what is “right” for you. Dating, courting, social marketing, the process of getting to know one another, is how we determine similarities, challenges, and whether or not the relationship is worth continuing. Not everyone has the same core values as you and that’s ok. You are unique, you have value, and as long as you stay true to yourself you will attract like-minded friends.

If you are looking to attract a lifetime partner, take the time to know one another, discuss your opinions and expectations and explain how or why you feel the way you do. Allow yourself to go deep within your emotional guidance system to discover where or why you believe the story you tell. Be honest with yourself and with others. When you are honest you attract trust. Through healthy conversation and open communication you gain clarity and develop understanding of why you feel the way you do. If you have experienced disappointment, deceit, or dishonesty your limiting beliefs may hold you in the resistance of believing in happiness, trust and truth. Make a conscious choice as to what you desire to hold onto, and what you agree to release. “Ask, and It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks with Abraham explain the law of attraction processes. Your life is to be lived in joy, you design and create everything that you experience. Through deliberate creation you have the choice as to how you desire to experience all that you have. By applying focus on what you desire to create, trusting in the process, and letting go, the life you attract is yours to enjoy.

If you are a parent, you have given life to your child, but you do not own that child. Each spirit of every person is unique. Teach your child good, strong effective communication skills without criticism or condemnation. Allow them to express their belief’s and explain why they feel the way the do. Guide them and support them by acknowledging what they perceive as truth. If their belief is perceived through negative emotion, allow them healthy alternatives to make deliberate choices in discovering a more positive approach to any situation. Teach your child to think, reason, and understand the consequences of the actions they choose to take. Fear does not instill knowledge. Happiness, love, all positive beliefs should be our reasons for making the choices we make in life. Figure out a way to have your child strive for a better, more focused way of dealing with problems. Allow them positive solutions to solve their problems.

If you are building a business for longevity, you will want to stay aligned with your own values. By being honest with yourself, taking the process of building your business with clear focus and vision you will attract the right clients and customers that you need. Have trust in yourself first and foremost. Stay calm, confident and be consistent. Like training the horse, as you build the relationship the rest will flow.

I love and trust my horses. They are all individual spirits with big hearts. Like each and every soul born into this world, they are pure of thought until such time as their experience teaches them otherwise. I don’t choose discipline or fear to train. I deliberately choose positive re-enforcement and trust to gain their respect. For some it is a long process as per their individual experiences. For some the trust comes easily. I take the time necessary to feel confident that we will be safe, as safe can be. Together we build a solid relationship that allows us to enjoy nature at its’ best. When I am on the trail, trusting my horse and he trusting me, the event is one of freedom. We commune with nature and become one in the universe. I feel at peace, loved and relaxed. This keeps me balanced and re-energizes my body, mind and soul so that I may remain focused with my purpose.

How do you stay aligned with your purpose? When do you take the necessary time to feel in touch with your spirit and listen to your intuition? What will it take and what are you willing to change to allow yourself to live in purpose, with purpose and on purpose?