How To Avoid Being Late To Work

You know the deal: you get to work 5 minutes late, and your boss harasses you. You wonder what you did at home that made you late, but you can’t think of anything because your boss is yelling in your face. Here’s how to avoid that nasty encounter, and stay on your boss’ good list.
There’s always a point where you feel that you need to go to your job, but you could just do one more thing before you zip off. Well, that “one more thing” turns into two more things, then three; and before you know it, you’re three minutes from work time when it takes ten minutes to get there.

Step One: Set An Alarm

Alarms are a good way of getting somewhere, because it means that something other than you is reminding you. Set it at least 5 minutes more than the time you should leave to get there, because it always takes at least 5 minutes to get ready. If you’re always watching TV, or you’re hanging with friends, set an alarm on your cell-phone or iPod (to be safe, set it at least 10 minutes faster because friends are the most distracting). If you’re always at home, busy on Facebook on your computer, set your alarm clock to go off.

Step Two: Remove Distractions

It’s the distractions that always get to you, right? Remove them from the possibility of you engaging them. If you’re with friends, but you work soon after school, I recommend just staying at school and getting a start on your homework, or hanging with friends there. If you watch TV and get distracted, put a sticky note somewhere visible in your room reminding you not to watch TV. In my opinion, watching two-thirds of a TV show isn’t worth it; you could be done your math homework by then, and you wouldn’t have to do it when you’re tired after work! If you’re always on your computer, put a sticky note there, or shut it off.

Step Three: Find Someone To Remind You

This is sort of like setting an alarm, but with more meaning. People (if nice enough) won’t have a problem telling you to get to work. For an added bonus, tell them to really “yell” at you and nag you to get to work – annoying brothers and sisters will think is fun!

Step Four: Move Fast

If you’re going to get to work anyways, why not move fast? Then, if there’s a disturbance along the way, you’ve got extra time to get passed it. If you get to work early, you can get a coffee or buy a snack.

Step Five: Collect The Rewards!

Look at it this way: you’re happy with yourself getting to work on time, your boss is happy with you, you’ve got yourself a coffee, you’ve almost finished your homework, and you have time after work to do whatever you want without the pressure of having to get to work!